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So You Want To Be A Healthcare Executive?

Dec 20, 2019

Dr. Paul Thomas is a visionary and a pioneer in the delivery of primary care healthcare services in the United States. Using a Direct Primary Care Model, Dr. Thomas launched Plum Health in 2016. A graduate of Wayne State University's School of Medicine, Dr. Thomas is an author, a TedX speaker, and a thought-leader on...

Nov 16, 2019

Dorrie Dils' story is like none other. From being the first in her family to graduate college to becoming the CEO of Michigan's top organ and tissue donation organization, Dorrie's story will leave you feeling that no matter where you are at in your career, anything is possible. 

Oct 17, 2019

Hear Cachet Colvard's career path and listen as she identifies key areas of her work and experience in China and Ghana that led to her success and current position with the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi. Cachet's international exposure to healthcare makes her story highly unique.

Sep 8, 2019

Dr. Michael Nanzer is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers. Hear Dr. Nanzer's story as he navigates his career from his days as a physical therapist to his current role. Tune in to hear the challenges Dr. Nanzer faced as well as current advice he would give to up-and-coming...

Jul 31, 2019

Shon Dwyer is the Executive Director of University Hospital and the Frankel Cardiovascular Center at Michigan Medicine. Shon's path from registered nurse to hospital executive is highlighted. Listen and learn from Shon as she breaks down her extensive career path, highlights the moves she made and the reasons why, and...